Remote X-ray Operators Course

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Whilst highly skilled, accredited radiographers provide us with a wide and nuanced range of imaging services in most of our hospitals and towns, things are a bit different in the “Bush” with small remote populations being serviced by generalists, multi-skilled doctors and nurses. The concept of the provision of a limited range of x-ray services by non-radiographers is well established in such remote settings, and in Tasmania includes sites such as King Island, Flinders Island, Queenstown and Scottsdale. Being able to take x-rays is very different indeed from being able to read and interpret them.

This new online course has been designed and written by both rural generalist doctors and experienced radiographers to improve the quality of training for those professionals wishing to gain their X-ray licence. This course focuses on theoretical knowledge and provides a basic overview of how to convert that knowledge into practice. There are six modules and it is anticipated that this will take approximately 18 hours. 

  • Module 1 – Background
    3 hours recommended  

  • Module 2 – Radiation Physics and Safety
    4 hours recommended

  • Module 3 – Radiographic Equipment, Image Acquisition and Processing
    4 hours recommended

  • Module 4 – Image Critique
    2 hours recommended 

  • Module 5 – Positioning Technique
    4 hours recommended

  •  Module 6 – System Overview
    1 hour recommended


The course is permanently open and you can study in your own time and at your own pace. The material can be re-visited at any time after you gain your licence to refresh your knowledge. Each module has a short quiz, and you will be required to pass all the quizzes in order to pass the course. After you have passed the course, you will be issued a certificate that makes you eligible for the practical training and assessment required to obtain your licence. The process for this is outlined at the end of the course. The cost of this certificate is $100. Please note that the online training cannot be used by itself to obtain a licence.

It is also anticipated that this course will be useful to students and junior staff in both the medical and nursing professions who have an interest in remote healthcare and wish to expand their knowledge in this area. A free certificate is thus available for this group, although it can not be used to progress to gaining your licence.

We hope you find this course interesting and useful.

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